Book Overview

According to author Cosmic Girl, a diva is one who exudes great style and personality with confidence, expresses her own style, and does not let others influence who she is or who she wants to be—fierce!

Soul of a Diva presents Cosmic Girl’s reflections on experiences, relationships, heartbreaks, and inspirations. So many of us find ourselves in situations that make us feel as if we are alone and that no one else could possibly understand. These verses explore our reactions to those situations and consider the emotions of the heart by viewing societal woes and dreaming of lost romance, passionate encounters, and unconditional love. These poems present a journey that focuses on the issues and things in society and throughout the world that affect all of us.

Personal, positive, and uplifting, this autobiographical poetry collection presents a culmination of one woman’s life experiences that have moved and shaken her but never worn her down.